How to connect Metamask wallet to Ignite Chain Network

As being the most popular among crypto community, MetaMask is available for every devices and operating system including iOS and Android for mobile user. As in this article, we will go with chrome web browser.

To install Metamask, we need to go to and follow the steps for your device accordingly. If you have already downloaded, skip this part.

After installation, open it and click Create a New Wallet. Follow the simple steps to complete accounts creation and write down recovery phrase somewhere private so you can use it while signing into your wallet from another devices.

By default, it will be set to Ethereum Mainnet.

Now, to connect Metamask to Ignite Chain Network, Follow the simply described below;

  1. Open Metamask extension on web browser
  2. Click on ‘Ethereum Mainnet’ as it will open all the network option

3. Click on ‘Add Network

5. Fill the details as shown below:

Network Name — Ignite Mainnet


Chain ID — 1991

Currency Symbol — IGT

Block Explorer URL —

6. Click ‘Save

If you have followed the process perfectly, your wallet will be connected to Ignite Chain Network and you are good to go.

Have fun exploring the decentralized network of Ignite Chain with easy and inexpensive yet super-fast transactions.



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