IgniteChain Weekly Update: 27th June to 1st July


1 MetaWhaleWorld

We are excited to announce our new partner MetaWhaleWorld!

Metawhale world is A virtual gaming platform that allows players to build and monetize their gaming experiences.

As part of the strategic partnership, MetawhaleWorld will use the IgniteChain network to design & mint, and distribute digital arts for their NFT museum.

2 LovelyFinance

Alongside, IgniteChain is going live Flash Sale at Lovely finance launch pad very soon. with this IgniteChain Flash sale offering a 10% discount on buying IGT, the IgniteChain Flash sale will make your wishlist empty and your cart full.

It was followed by Sanjay Dutt where he discussed about IgniteChain’s upcoming Flash sale on his Twitter post.

New Team Members:

Another Excited to announcement is Liza Varma is joining our team as the Head of Media Advisory. Liza Varma is a former Femina Miss India, a very well-known member of FDCI, Show director of Jashn internationally, and founder of Liza Varma Academy.

Furthermore, Mr. Piyush Jain is joining us as a Spoke Person and Advisory Member of IgniteChain. Mr.Jain is a professional chartered accountant and has more than 22 years of corporate experience in various sectors including construction, engineering, and manufacturing.

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